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About The Host

A native of Southern California, Dawn DiMare is passionate about health, wellness, education, science, holistic medicine, food and travel. A former radio host and corporate communications professional, she is pursuing her NTP certification at the Nutritional Therapy Association and is taking pre-requisites for a Master’s program in the health-care industry. She is also a freelance writer and editor.

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Dawn DiMare
A Teaspoon Of Healing Podcast

About The Podcast

On A Teaspoon of Healing, we explore the various pathways to wellness and vibrant living. Dawn chats with health and wellness experts, authors, nutritionists and people like you, who share their personal journeys of healing. The focus is on all aspects of healing: physical, emotional and spiritual and encompasses both Western and holistic healing practices.

Dawn will also share her tips about health and nutrition as she learns in her educational endeavors, answer your questions, and share her own experiences with wellness and healing. 

Interested in being on the show? Do you have a question for Dawn, or anyone she has interviewed? Contact Dawn.

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  • Conquering fear
    Fear is an emotion with which most of us are familiar. Fear of trying something new, fear of failing, fear of “putting ourselves out there,” and even fear of success! Like most people, I definitely feel fear. I feel trepidation about what will happen as my kids grow up, concerns about
  • Love is healing
    Ok, so here is a post that may come off as overly idealistic. So be it. Here’s what I’ve learned in my life, through trials and tribulations: love heals. Sounds cheesy and simplistic, doesn’t it? It sure does, on the surface. But is it? Today, I think this world needs love more
  • Fat – so vital, yet so misunderstood
    How many times have we heard the phrase “if you eat fat, you’ll get fat?” Unfortunately, this misconception has contributed to the obesity epidemic in the United States. Fat is the most misunderstood macronutrient. Coming in at nine calories per gram, fat molecules provide a great amount of
  • Healing Against the Odds
    I had the fortunate opportunity to interview energy healer and author Avital Miller for my podcast. Her interview is found in Episode Two, “Healing Happens With Avital Miller.” Avital wrote a book called “Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds.” It’s a collection of stories
  • Stomach Acid – Friend or Foe?
    Did you know that stomach acid is supposed to be good for you, and that most of us don’t have enough stomach acid to properly digest our food? Would you consider taking HCL (hydrochloric acid) supplements? Well, that’s what the authors of the book “Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You: Natural

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